Horse Adventurer Art

Artwork of an Adventurer.

Adventurers are characters who appear in Shovel of Hope. They appear as bipedal male horses wearing clothing, although a single human one appears in the Streetpass Arena.


"Adventurer: That odd fellow, Chester, is selling relics! I'm so tempted to buy some!"
"Adventurer: Here's a secret: in Pridemoor Keep, going left first is right!"
"Adventurer: If you are getting stressed out, try fishing! You never know what you'll catch!"
"Adventurer: Sigh, there's no way to punch through. I wish I could just dash through all this dirt!"
"Adventurer: Another knight with a shovel? I just saw one of you guys earlier, but he was scary looking!"
"Adventurer: Where's the oats, I'm starving!"


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