The Armor Outpost is a settlement in the second quarter of the Valley. In order to reach it at least one member of the second wave of the Order of No Quarter must have been defeated. As it's name implies armor can be purchased here as well as upgrades for the Shovel Blade. Unlike the Village, one is not forced to enter the Armor Outpost to pass through it on the map.

NPCs Edit

Plaza Edit

The main area of the Armor Outpost; here is where the wandering NPCs pass through.

The Fancy Shop Edit

A shop dedicated to hats and clothing. It seems to be owned by Mr. Hat.

Aerial Anvil Shop Edit

Here both new armors can be purchased as well as upgrades to the shovel blade.

Aerial Anvil Front Edit

Aerial Anvil Top Edit

The ladder leading to above the airship only appears once the second wave of the Order of No Quarter have been defeated. It houses a catapult that send the player back to the Village.

Other Edit

In Plague of Shadows Edit

In the expansion, upon entering the Outpost, Plague Knight will be behind The Fancy Shop. There, Percy can be found, alongside a catapult. By paying him 50 Cipher Coins, he will work on the the catapult to make it work. After that, by hopping on it, the player will be thrown inside the Outpost. The civilians will flee and a group of knights will ambush Plague Knight. Upon defeating them all, he will claim the Outpost for himself, while the townsfolk will flee on the airship.

Minions will then populate the Outpost, and Chester can also be found, trading Relics for Arcana, should the player failed to find Chester in a stage. The female Troupple Acolyte will also appear and provide one Troupple Chalice for purchase. By entering The Fancy Shop, Plague Knight can fight Mr. Hat and win a scrap sheet.

By the time, the player will not be able to enter the Outpost from behind the Fancy Shop, until Shortcut? is unlocked. At this time, use the catapult at Shortcut? to access the back door, and then use the now-fixed catapult to return to the ground area of Village. The purpose is to offer a second chance to find Music Sheets and Cipher Coins shall a player forgets to collect them in the first visit.

Trivia Edit

  • On rare occasions a wandering NPC walks through who has Shovel Knight's body and the head of a fish mentioning how nice it is to have his helmet off.
  • Using the War Horn next to Yoppler will trigger him also playing his own horn instrument as well as dropping some magic jars.
  • In Plague of Shadows, despite the townsfolk fleeing on the airship and taking flight, it is still seen in the map.

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