A plate of fiery fury. Collect orbs to fuel your rage!

The Armor of Chaos is a special armor exclusive to the Sony versions. To obtain it the Grave Digger's Shovel must be given to the Armorer. This armor is white with red decorations making it resemble Kratos' own pallor.

When the Armor of Chaos is equipped, Shovel Knight gains multi-hit combos reminiscent of Kratos' own attacks, but is unable to use upgrades purchased from the Shovel Smith. It also changes the Shovel Drop making it more like Black Knight's sudden immediate drop. When the armor is equipped food and magic bottles dropped by enemies transform in their corresponding equivalent in the God of War game series, namely green and blue orbs that home in on the player. Also, upon defeating an enemy or landing a successful hit on a boss, there is a chance that a red orb will appear. When the red orb is collected, Shovel Knight will glow red for a limited time. While in this state, Shovel Knight next attack will shoot a small wave of fire across the screen, doing one hit of damage to any enemies it comes into contact with. Even this red orb is a reference to Kratos abilities, as the Ghost of Sparta also has to collect ( although in much larger quantities ) red orbs to upgrade his attacks.

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