Bard artwork
Type Quest
Locations Village

What can the humble Bard do for you today?

The Bard is a character in Shovel of Hope who resides in the Village. He is seen playing a lute near the fountain.


The Bard wears an orange overshirt with lace in the front and a brown cape in the back. His hat is a lighter orange with brown stitches on the rim, and holds yellow feathers. His sleeves are the same color yellow. He wears brownish leggings with a pointed toe, which is a traditional bard or jester trait. He plays a lute.

For some odd reason, the Bard wears a Knight's helmet. He very well could be some sort of knight, or may have been in the past.


He has lost 46 of his musical scores which are spread around the land as Music Sheets. These are the main collectable in Shovel Knight, and are often found in hidden rooms, as a fishing reward, or in hard to reach areas. He will give Shovel Knight 500 gold for each musical score and make a comment detailing who requested them and how he ended up creating the songs. The player is then able to listen to the song whenever wanted.


"Bard: Hail, traveler! I am but a simple bard, but I have a big problem... I've lost all my Music Sheets! My entire repertoire lays scattered across the land! If you ever find a Music Sheet, return it to me, and I shall reward you... handsomely!"
"Bard: OOOOHHHH! You have a Music Sheet! Please accept 500 gold as a reward!"
"Bard: Now that I have this Music Sheet, I can perform it for you any time!! Just ask!"
"Bard: Hail, Shovel Knight! Hero of music! What can the humble Bard do for you today?"
"Bard: Splendid! What would you like to hear?"
"Bard: Unbelievable! You've recovered every single opus in my ouevre! A chromed-out curator! A heroic historian! You may have saved the village, but your real contribution... is to the fine arts! Bravissimo!"


  • The Bard may represent the game's compositor, Jake Kaufman, as he wrote (most of) the music of Shovel Knight.
    • On the track In the Halls of the Usurper, he states that the piece "kickstarted" his career as it was his first performed lair theme. This is a direct reference to how Shovel Knight was funded: by a Kickstarter campaign.
    • When commenting on Flowers of Antimony and A Thousand Leagues Below, the Bard states that these tracks are actually composed by another female bard from a faraway land, a clear reference to Manami Matsumae, the composer of these tracks.
  • In the Plague of Shadows, if Plague Knight travels underground after collecting music sheets in a stage other than the Plains, the Bard will still jump in joy.
  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for the Bard, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.
  • Though not canon, in the unfinished Super Beard Bros playthrough of Plague of Shadows, Jake Kaufman said he liked to call the Bard "Virttholomew". This is a reference to the name he used as an OC remixer, Virt.
  • In King of Cards, it is possible that the Bard will play a larger role in the campaign.


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