BattleSK BK (1)

Shovel Knight and Black Knight in Battle Mode

Battle Mode is upcoming content for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. Since it is planned as local multiplayer only it will not be appearing on the 3DS or PS Vita versions of the game. Battle Mode is also planned to be released as a stand alone alongside the campaigns.

Modes Edit

There are three concepts for battle mode mentioned on the Kickstarter:

  • Cash Collecting - where you fight for treasure that appears in the level. Knock your buddy to make gems fall out and collect them!
  • Racing - where all players would have to make their way to the end of a stage
  • Last man standing - where the only goal is to slash mercilessly… to the bitter end!

Playable Characters Edit

The stretch goal for 'all bosses in battle mode' was reached but which characters this refers to specifically is somewhat ambiguous; the description implies only The Order of No Quarter;

'If we reach this goal, the entire Order of No Quarter (including the Enchantress herself!) will step into Battle Mode, for the ultimate battle royale. Wild new combat styles abound! Play as your under-appreciated favorite and beat up the more popular knights that got voted into the main campaign!'

Which would forgo The Big Creep and The Wandering Travelers as well as Kratos and the Battletoads, however, Black Knight is seen in a preview of Battle Mode, so it is likely he will be included.

On the official Yacht Club Games Twitter account it was mentioned that the team were interested in having Shield Knight as well.