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Theme The Wookie Hole; To the Turbo Tunnel; Battle the Battletoads
Weapon Fists

How about we give you some training, Battletoads style?

The Battletoads are a group comprised of Rash, Zitz and Pimple, they are exclusive to the Xbox One version of Shovel Knight and can be found in the Mysterious Area. There the player can have a "sparring match" with each one of the Toads emulating the gameplay of the original Battletoads game. The Battletoads are only available in Shovel Knight's campaign.

For more information on the Battletoads, check out the Battletoads Wiki.

Strategy Edit



  • The music which plays in this stage is taken directly from the corresponding stage from the NES version of Battletoads, except for the Rash fight which is a remix of the title theme. In addition, pausing in this stage will replace the music with said game's pause theme.
  • Although not physically seen, the Battletoads' mentor Professor T. Bird can be heard having a conversation with a Rooster Gent. Notably, he is the only character with a custom portrait who is not seen physically by Shovel Knight.
  • The Battletoads are one of 4 boss fights that doesn't take place in Plague of Shadows. The other ones are The Big Creep, Remnant of Fate and Kratos.


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