Beetos are one of the most common enemies in Shovel Knight. They appear in almost every stage of the Valley, possess only one hit point, and each time the player collides with them the player will lose half a health bubble. They can only attack the protagonists by walking into them. If hit with a weapon (other than Bombs, such as the Shovel Blade's Dig Slash or a Scythe's Slash, Beetos are flipped into the air upside down. From here they can either be juggled higher or used to Shovel Drop or Dash Slash to greater heights. This peculiar and unique feature is prominently used in the challenge Beeto's Big Break. Upon defeat they drop a 5 gold worth blue gem.



Introduced in Specter of Torment, Fleetos are a faster version of the common Beeto.

Rhyno Beeto Edit

Introduced in King of Cards, Rhyno Beetos charge headfirst against their foes and can only damaged by attacking them from above or after they are flipped on their backs.

Beeto Card Edit

One of the Joustus cards in King of Cards, is a Beeto card which can push other cards to the right.

Rhyno Beeto Card Edit

One of the Joustus cards in King of Cards, is a Rhyno Blorb card which can push other cards to the right, similarly to the Beeto card.

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Trivia Edit

  • Beeto are the only regular enemy with the ability to be juggled.
    • The only other enemy capable to do so are the scissor-wielding Propeller Rats found in the Pc/Xbox One versions exclusive rappeling section of the Mysterious Area, a feature specifically added to mimic the ability to juggle enemies in the original Battletoads videogame to rank up extra points as, similarly, juggling the Rats will make them progressively drop larger values of treasure.