Birders are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They are one of the toughest minions boasting an impressive four hitpoints, each time the player collides with them the player will lose half a health bubble. Birders appear as flashing blue bird heads. They bounce around on walls, floors and ceilings without aim and cannot attack outside of simply colliding with their target. The Birders encountered in the Speeder Bike section of the Mysterious Area only have one hitpoint. Upon defeat they drop a 10 gold worth green gem. They are found in the Lost City, the Birder Herder challenge, the Mysterious Area, and finally the Plains Forest of Phasing.

Specter of Torment introduced a variety of the Birders who live stuck in a Slime Block, known as Ambirders. The only difference between the two is that while the regular Birders are free from the start, an Ambirder must first be freed from the Slime Block, at which point it acts exactly like a regular Birder.

Birders can also be found being handled by an Hoppicle variety known as a Birder Herder. Defeating the Herder first will release the Birder from its leash, who will then follow its usual moving pattern.

Red BirderEdit

In the Shovel Knight Challenge 'Birder Herder' three Red birders are present. When attacked they behave the same as regular Birders but no amount of damage will actually kill them.


Like most minions Birders are instantly destroyed by the War Horn or the Dread Talon which may be worth their high magic/darkness cost, particularly since they often appear in groups. Without using relics the best way to defeat them is to Shovel Drop/Dash Slash them; when they are hit they stay in place briefly and with good timing and aim it's possible to freeze them in place for the entire four hits. Plague Knight can do the same with repeated use of his Staff of Striking.



Birder at the tower's banquet hall after completing the Lost City:

"Birder: WOO! I'm bouncin' off the walls! I love bein' a Birder!"


  • Birders curiously have a steam emoticon and are the only minion and only non-character to have one.
  • They make an appearance in the portion of the Battletoads boss fight where they will actually move back and forth on the road and can be hard to avoid, as they fly at various speeds.
  • The Joustus card portrait for Birders is present in the game's files since the release of Specter of Torment.