Birders are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They are one of the toughest minions in Shovel Knight boasting an impressive four hitpoints. Birders appear as flashing blue bird heads. They bounce around on walls, floors and ceilings without aim and cannot attack outside of simply colliding with Shovel Knight. The Birders encountered in the Speeder Bike section of the Mysterious Area only have one hitpoint.

Red Birder Edit

In the Shovel Knight Challenge 'Birder Herder' three Red birders are present. When attacked they behave the same as regular Birders but no amount of damage will actually kill them.

Strategy Edit

Like most minions they are instantly destroyed by the War Horn which may be worth the high magic cost, particularly since they often appear in groups. Without using relics the best way to defeat them is to Shovel Drop them; when they are hit they stay in place briefly and with good timing and aim it's possible to freeze them in place for the entire four hits.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Birders curiously have a steam emoticon and are the only minion and only non-character to have one.
  • They make an appearance in the portion of the Battletoads boss fight where they will actually move back and forth on the road and can be hard to avoid, as they fly at various speeds.

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