• SexyPlagueDoctor

    Greetings :)

    June 8, 2017 by SexyPlagueDoctor

    Ah, hello, did not see you there. I am new here and I hope to post mainly art and make some great friends on here. That is all, have a nice day. :)

    -The Doc

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  • DigoBlaze12

    An idea...

    May 2, 2017 by DigoBlaze12

    What if we made a wiki for fan creations?

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  • DigoBlaze12

    Some ideas I have:

    They appear on the Iron Whale and can be destroyed in one blow. Nauts can' t be hit from above, acting like a water Icedrake. They canbe used as a support to reach the heights.

    When on water it can idle or move following a pattern, being able to collide with the player. When out of water it will stop moving and act like Gobcano.

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  • PSI Seven

    Madam Meeber

    March 8, 2017 by PSI Seven

    I've seen this name pop up on the templates for each of the three campaigns. Someone tell me, who the heck is she???

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  • PSI Seven

    Amiibo mode offers a wide variety of new functions, sooooo... Anybody else think we should add them??? There is exclusive relecs, costumes, and challenges that I believe should have their own pages. I would add them, but I don't have the amiibo or the amiibo adaptor thingy for the 3ds.

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  • BossClaire

    Call me a noob.

    Call me a spineless coward.

    But if there's ever one thing I've been trying to do since October 2015, it's trying to beat the Order of No Quarter on NG+.

    I know many people have completed NG+, but what do I need to do to defeat the Order? Do I have to restore Specter Knight to full life? Because, honestly, I've been trying to do this for a long time that I have memorized everyon'e pattern down to the rooms in Ascent! Look at all the things I can do!

    - I can now decloak Specter Knight without getting much damage

    - I can now defrost Polar Knight faster than before

    - I can now murder King Knight's face before his boss music even loops

    - I can now ground Propeller Knight before his boss music loops

    - I can now dehydrate Treasure Knight …

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  • Smasher51


    January 24, 2016 by Smasher51

    Hello, Practitioners of Shovelry, Alchemy, or whatever you do. My name is Smasher51. About a month ago I picked up Shovel Knight and I'm hooked. I wanted to spread out and join another wiki, since I spend most of my active time on Smashpedia, so what better place to help out with than the Shovel Knight Wiki? I want to help improve the wiki in anyway I can and get to know all of you people. So yeah, that's pretty much all I have to write, so I'll SEE YA LATER.

    (PS: If anyone knows anyway I can help, let me know :) )

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  • Rarest of the pepes

    Hey guys! Im back with another blog, this time I found a trivial piece hidden in the name of Plague Knight's 4th challenge in Challenge Mode, take a look

    The name is based off a musical called singin' in the rain, when I first saw this, I thought to myself, woag, out of all musicals and movies, that one? The scrolling has a ' in it, juts like the singing in singin' in the rain, for anyone who does not know this musical, it is about the struggle of making audio in movies, set in the 1920s. I wonder if any other of the challenge names are based off musical names.

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  • Rarest of the pepes

    The shovel knight creators are probably already working on the king knight campaign but if not, heres a good Idea

    Differences from plague of shadows

    • You will never fight king knight 
    • there are no love interests
    • in the end people still think you are evil
    • the final boss is not the enchantress or plague knight
    • shield knight will appear in this campaign as a boss, she will give you the last birthstone

    The story starts with king knight realizing he is not a real king, He knows that if he wears a crown that features all 12 birthstones 7 from the order of no quarter, 1 from the enchantress, shovel knight and black knight, shield knight and another one from the Deposed King  if he gets all 12, he is crowned king of kings, Deposed King is fought at armor …

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  • BossClaire

    Suggested Adjustments

    January 1, 2016 by BossClaire

    Happy new year

    I've noticed that Plague Knight's page has the PoS storyline instead of PoS' page. Recall El Grewzo's blog about putting campaign stories on the *campaign* pages. I believe that was already done but why is Plague Knight's page like that? I'd really want some more clarification ASAP before I start massively editing many articles in one day.

    Things I'd be willing to do over the next few days:

    - Edit some of the SK main campaign feat pages to include the criteria or requirements to get the achievement IF it's not obvious. For example, "First Purchase" doesn't need a tip, but something like "Juggler" needs some pointing. 

    - Add the PoS feats that still don't exist and do the same thing above. 

    - Add a bunch of new photos for cipher c…

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  • PSI Seven

    Adding categories

    December 26, 2015 by PSI Seven

    I'll be catagorizing the uncatagorized pages listed here:, so that's why my name is appearing frequently in "Recent Edits". I'll usually do only three at a time. If anyone would like to help me with this, that would be great.

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  • Dragowl47

    Seriously, can we discuss this work of art?

       If you do what it says, it literally guides you to completely resetting your Shovel Knight save data. And that, ladies and gentlemen who may or may not be reading this, is hilarious!

    In case you, hypothetical reader, are unaware of how to do such (unlock plague knight). All you have to do is complete the campaign. That's it no strings attached, also have an internet connection during your purchase of the title, and keep that connection, so the free DLC downloads; you're good. (But, that's a given; since you require one [internet connection] to download it anyways, so yeah...)

    On (somewhat) other notes, I'm just impressed, to say the least, by Yacht Club Games genuine effort in (somewhat*) tricking the pl…

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  • El Grewzo

    Story Articles

    October 7, 2015 by El Grewzo

    I'm planning to make a few tweaks to some articles and wanted to see if anyone had any opinions before making them.

    The biggest change I'm planning to make is to remove story sections from Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Black Knight, Shield Knight and The Enchantress articles and create two new articles: Shovel Knight (campaign) and Plague of Shadows (campaign). These will have a complete recollection of the stories of these modes so that they won't have to be recapped in those articles. I am however planning to refer to the story in new personality and relationship sections, for example 'Shield Knight is very important to Shovel Knight as he suffers repeating nightmares about her'.

    Some other small changes I am planning to make are moving Sh…

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  • El Grewzo


    September 29, 2015 by El Grewzo

    Given we are a touch short on Admins at the moment I've sent an adoption request to Wikia Community Central. If anyone has any thuoghts on this please leave some feedback

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  • Lessthan1337

    The much anticipated first free expansion for Shovel Knight, Plague of Shadows, is almost upon us! The official site for the expansion lists its release date as "Q2 2015", which ends this month!

    Plague of Shadows is the first of the free expansions planned by Yacht Club Games. Future expansions will feature King Knight and Specter Knight as playable characters, presumably with their own campaigns as well.

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