Blorbs are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They are small blob enemies that are only capable of slowly moving and jumping. They possess two hit points and each time the player collides with them the player will lose half a health bubble. If a Blorb is hit by a fireball, it turns into a Fire Blorb, rendering it immune to the Shovel Drop and harming Shovel Knight if he attempts to do so. If a Fire Blorb lands on the gooey back of Big Bohto, or is hit by a falling goo blob, it will transform back into a regular Blorb. Upon defeat they drop a green gem worth 10 gold and a blue gem worth five gold. They appear in the Plains, the Lost City, Knuckler's Quarry, the Explodatorium, the Iron Whale, the Forest of Phasing, and the Tower of Fate: Ascent.

Other VariantsEdit

Fire BlorbEdit

Flaming blorb

Fire Blorbs can be found primarily in the Lost City, and are either found already in a flaming state, or are created when lava spills onto a regular Blorb, igniting it. This variation can only be defeated by a slash attack, and Shovel Knight will be hurt if he attempts to Shovel Drop them. They also posses two hit points. Upon defeat, they drop a green gem and a blue one worth two gold. They appear in the Lich Yard Encounter, the Flying Machine in Specter of Torment, and the Tower of Fate: Ascent.

Blorbsidian Edit

Blorbsidians are exclusive to Specter of Torment and only appear in the Stranded Ship. They resemble blue Blorbs with ice shards surrounding their bodies. They can be found jumping high from one specific place to another and are tougher than their other counterparts, possessing five hit points. They can also stand on walls, unlike their counterparts.


  • Blorbs were originally smaller and blue, as they can be seen in early release material and on their concept art.
  • The Blorbsidian is called "Blob Geode" in the game's files.