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Body Swap Cover Art

All body swapped characters.

Body Swap Mode (originally called Gender Swap[1]) is a newly released feature in Shovel Knight that will let players choose the main characters' gender. It is only avaliable in the Shovel of Hope.


The player can not only swap the gender of all the main characters in the game but also do so for each character independently (for example, there can be both a male Shovel Knight and a male Shield Knight)[1]. Players are also able to swap the pronouns for each of the characters, once again for each character independently but also independently of the set body (a Shovel Knight with a female body can go by male pronouns in the game). The menu for Body Swap can be accessed at any point during the game.[1]


  • Fionna and Cake, one of the episodes in the American cartoon series Adventure Time, served as one of the inspirations for the Body Swap Mode.[1]
  • King Knight changes to Queen Knight when swapped, while The Enchantress becomes The Enchanter when swapped. They are the only characters to undergo a complete name change.
  • There is interest in adding Body Swap to the Specter of Torment campaign.[1]



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