Bomb Bursts (also known as bursts, burst jump and bomb jump) are what Plague Knight uses to propel himself forward and upward. Simply hold down the attack button and release when you want an extra boost. If Plague Knight is moving left or right when performing the Bomb Burst he will be propelled in that direction. If no direction is held he will simply be thrown higher.

The Bomb Burst can be charged when talking to NPCs or mid screen transition. Furthermore there is a small window after the release of a Bomb Burst in which a new one can be charged without throwing bombs.

By using a neutral double jump Plague Knight halts all momentum from the Bomb Burst. Alternatively he can throw bombs in midair to slow himself which is known as the 'bomb brake'.

Like with Bombs, Bomb Bursts can be customized with new ones bought from Mona and Percy at the Potionarium.

Burst Cost Research Description
Basic Burst N/A N/A Explode all around you and launch through the air!
Float Burst 2500 None Float slowly to the ground. Press down to fall again.
Bullet Burst 3500 1 Fires a blast in front of you when launching.
Frost Burst 3500 2 Launch through the air while dropping ice shards below.
Spin Burst 4000 3 Cannonball through enemies and cut them all down!

Notably two Plague Minions are seen performing a Bomb Burst at the beginning of the Plains in the Plague of Shadows Campaign.

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