Boneclangs are common enemies in Shovel Knight appearing first in the plains and being very common in The Lich Yard. There are several varieties of Boneclangs with different attributes.

Common Boneclang Edit


The common Boneclang has a slight pink tint to it's bones as well as a gold breastplate. They have two hit points and can attack with a simple swipe. On death they drop their skull.

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Boneclang Honcho Edit


Boneclang Honchos are identical to the common Boneclangs except for the giant crown they wear. On death their skull retains the crown and cannot be destroyed. Importantly this still weighs down the skeleton platforms.

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Loose Boneclang Edit


The Loose Boneclang is solid white with red armor. When first struck their skull detaches rendering the skeleton blind. In this state the skeleton will simply head forward until it collides with something solid and then turn around and repeat.

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Headless Boneclang Edit

Loose Headless Boneclang

Headless Boneclangs are Loose Boneclangs that appear with their head already detached. Despite this they still have both hit points.

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Brittle Boneclang Edit


Brittle Boneclangs have a notable green tinge as well as grey armor. What sets them apart from the other boneclang is that they only posses one hit point. Notably Specter Knight can summon three of them to aid him.

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Pink BoneclangEdit

This type of Boneclang is pink and wears a green armor. It is also different due to the fact that it does surprise attacks.


Red BoneclangEdit

This type of Boneclang is red and uses a black armor. They are not enemies, but a cameo appearence that happens during the dance performed by Red and Scarlet in Specter of Torment, after Specter Knight collects all the Red Skulls.

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