Catapults are used to move between levels without going to the map screen. They only appear once the third quarter of the Valley has been unlocked.

There are three catapults in the Valley each located in one of the safe areas.

  • The Village catapult appears to the right of the tavern. It launches you to the Armor Outpost.
  • The Armor Outpost catapult is on top of the Aerial Anvil. It launches you to the Village.
  • Shortcut? launches you to the Village.

In the Plague of Shadows there are only two catapults that send you to different locations.

  • The Armor Outpost catapult initially flings Plague Knight into the middle of the Outpost which results in him conquering it. Once this is done it becomes unacceptable except via Shortcut?. After this it send you to the initial area of the Village.
  • The catapult at Shortcut? instead sends you to the one at Armor outpost.

Trivia Edit

  • If Shovel Knight has the Ornate Plate equipped he will land flawlessly instead of crashing into the ground.
  • One of Shovel Knight's jokes to Toader mentions the Catapult

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