Charge Moves are activated while charging an attack by holding down the attack button, similar to the Charge Handle, the Bomb Bursts or the Striker’s Shawl. They are exclusive to Custom Knight, unlocked by using an amiibo with its associated campaign. More features are unlocked as the amiibo levels up through acquiring treasures. These attacks can be switched via the pause menu.

List of Charge MovesEdit

Charge attack Image Description
Burrow Bomber
Hold attack and release to unleash a diving forward attack.
Flare Razer
Hold attack and release to crash to the ground with flames.
Bomb Burst
Hold attack and release to explode through the air.
Blink Dash
Hold attack and release to dash through danger without taking damage!
Coin Capture
Hold attack and release to absorbs nearby treasure.

Trivia Edit

FR air-0

Shovel Knight using the Flare Razer while airborne, striking an enemy

FR impact

The impact range of Shovel Knight's Flare Razor

Blink dash

Shovel Knight using Blink Dash through a Beeto

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