This article is about the Cloaks Specter Knight wears, for the cloaks Plague Knight wears, See Cloaks

Cloaks are items equipped by Specter Knight throughout Specter of Torment. Much like Shovel Knight’s armor or Plague Knight’s cloak, each cloak bestows Specter Knight with special bonuses.

Cloaks can by bought from Manny in Tower of Fate.

Armor Cost Description
Crimson Cloak N/A A tattered garment tinged with remnants of the past.
Donovan Set N/A Adopt the visage of your former self. (Reward for collecting all Red skulls.)
Cloak of Clemency 3500 Lose will and darkness instead of perishing in pits and spikes! Drop less gold when you fall in battle.
Rail Mail 6000 An advanced cloak. Hold Down when landing to grind quickly along surfaces and spikes as if they were rails!
Striker’s Shawl 6000 Hold Attack to charge, then release a superior scythe swing.
Raiment of Risk 5000 Break checkpoints to lower your max will, but boost attacks and regenerate darkness until you fall in battle.
Ghostly Garb 8000 Look more imposing and fearsome than ever before... but to no effect.

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