You steeled your resolve and remained cool in the face of jubilance. Summon this ability by holding [down].

The Cold Shoulder is an optional Gear, acquired by Specter Knight after talking to the Dancer in the Tower of Fate. She tries to woo Specter Knight with her joyful dances, but he instead rejects them. With her heart broken, the Dancer flees the Tower swearing to make Specter Knight pay for his snubbing.

The Cold Shoulder it's activated by holding the [down] button. Besides looking cool, the Cold Shoulder gesture can be used in front of the Edge Farmer who, impressed, will give Specter Knight 150 gold.

Trivia Edit

  • If Specter Knight performs cold shoulder in front of a Skeletal Sentry the sentry will show hearts. The hearts are purely for vanity and do not affect the Skeletal Sentry beyond that.
  • Specter Knight's Cold Shoulder is similar in concept to Shovel Knight's Toad Gear's cool pose and the dance unlocked by the Troupple King for Plague Knight.
  • If Specter Knight has the Donovan Set equipped and performs the pose, every second time he does that, he will dance instead.
  • This dance and the fact that is performed by the undead Specter Knight, may or may not be a reference to Michael Jackson's famous moonwalk dance move as well as his horror-themed song Thriller.

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