Corrupted Essence
Stage Tower of Fate: ????
Theme The Battle Within

The Corrupted Essence is the final boss of the Plague of Shadows campaign. It is the second form of the Serum Supernus after the Plague of Shadows itself.

The Corrupted Essence appears as a large disproportionate crow riding atop of a metal orb which loosely resembles a cauldron or a furnace. It is damaged by attacking the flashing spot inside its mouth. It opens its mouth to attack Plague Knight or after attacking the device it is standing on until the core is exposed and damaging the core.

Once it's defeated, the Corrupted Essence transforms into the Serum Supernus and Mona is freed.


This is a list of attacks it can perform:

  • Shoot Projectiles
  • Tackle the Player
  • Bounce, trying to smash the player
  • Creates lot of explosive sprites shaped like Mona


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