Croaker is a character in Shovel Knight. He can be found in the tavern under the Village. Listening to all of Croaker's puns will award the player the Pungent Feat.


"Croaker: Hey Shovel Knight, I know things are tough, but don't throw in the trowel!"
"Croaker: Pshh, that King Knight. You give him an inch, he thinks he's a ruler!"
"Croaker: I traveled with some horse adventurers, but they were all so neigh-gative!"
"Croaker: I was afraid as I jumped over the bottomless pit... but then I got over it."
"Croaker: I wondered why the Black Knight's shovel was getting bigger. Then it hit me!"
"Croaker: I'm sure your quest will pay off in spades, hero! HAHAHAHAHA!"
"Croaker: The Goatician? He may feast on valuable Meal Tickets, but overall, he's not a baa-a-a-a-a-ad fellow!"
"Croaker: Super skeletons are way too serious! They can't take a little humerus ribbing!"
"Croaker: The Bard performs on the street because when he's inside, he can't conduct himself!"
"Croaker: Have I told you about the broken sword? Eh, never mind, it's pointless..."
"Croaker: Plague Knight tried to tell me a joke, but it was too formulaic. He failed to get any reaction!"
"Croaker: I talked with Mona the other day...bad attitude, breaking breakers everywhere...such a vial woman!"
"Croaker: Have you talked to the Juice Maid? I tried to squeeze her for information... But I'm not sure she had anything pulpy to extract! My efforts were toadally fruitless."
"Croaker: I applied to be a Troupple Acolyte, but they said my apple-ication looked fishy... so they hired me!"
"Croaker: Using a shovel as a weapon... what a groundbreaking idea!"
"Croaker: Arrow signs are all the rage in the village these days, but I think they're on the way out."
"Croaker: I forgot what Reize was using as a weapon... but then it came back to me!"
"Croaker: Propeller Knight can fly around using a bladed propeller helmet. Now that is cutting edge!"
"Croaker: You visited the nightclub down in the mines yet? A swingin' abyss!"
"Croaker: How about the new hotel in the Iron Whale? I found their rooms sub-standard, and the place was a wreck."
"Croaker: The Baz is a master of the rope whip. Natural talent, or was he taut?"
"Croaker: Thanks for listening to all of my great jokes! I'd ask for a tip, but a well-told pun is its own re-word."
"Croaker: Woah, hey, we should join these guys! And then we'd call you... Battle Toader!"
"Croaker: Face to face with the Battletoads! What a Rare opportunity!"
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