Curios are items for Specter Knight to use in Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment.

Similarly to Plague Knight's Arcana, they are fueled by a meter, called Darkness. This meter refills by collecting Darkness Jars, which can be either found through the stages, or by defeating enemies or damaging bosses (in which these cases will spawn an orb of Darkness which will automatically fly to Specter Knight).

Curios are obtained through trading the Red Skulls with Red in the Tower of Fate hub. These Skulls can be found in each stage. After that, they can be upgraded by Legion, also located in the Tower of Fate; each upgrade costs 4000 gold.

Specter Knight Darkness capacity can be increased by collecting Darkness Wisps in special chests found in the stages. Should the player miss those, they can be purchased from Missy in the Tower of Fate.

Name Price Unlock Stage Effect
Dread Talon 8 Plains Unleash a powerful close-range strike.
Will Skull 3 Plains Clutch this skull to regain Will.
Throwing Sickle 5 Plains Launch a boomerang blade.
Spider Scythe 5 Stranded Ship Throw a scythe which climbs over obstacles.
Chronos Coin 10 Lost City Slows down everything around you.
Bounding Soul 5 Explodatorium Free a lost soul that reflects off of surfaces.
Shadow Mirror 6 Pridemoor Keep Cast a reflection and attack from a distance.
Barrier Lantern 7 Clockwork Tower Create a shield which blocks projectiles to charge up.
Hover Plume 7 Iron Whale Float for a short time.
Judgment Rush 10 Flying Machine Grasp this jewel to rush at the nearest enemy and strike.
Skeletal Sentry 9 Lich Yard Summon a skeleton sniper and detonate with (Button)
Caltrops N/A Collect all Red Skulls Scatter spikes in front of unsuspecting foes.

Trivia Edit

  • A "curio" is a strange and interesting object that evokes curiosity.
    • In the European Renaissance, it was common to display these objects in the so called "curio cabinets" (also cabinets of curiosities, cabinets of wonder, and wonder-rooms), which were encyclopedic collections of objects whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined.
      • Examples of these are figurines or other interesting objects that invoke curiosity, and perhaps share a common theme. A curio cabinet may also be used to display a solitary object of special interest, such as a hand-crafted doll.
        • Modern terminology would categorize the objects included as belonging to natural history (sometimes faked), geology, ethnography, archaeology, religious or historical relics, works of art (including cabinet paintings), and antiquities.
  • Curios were planned to be able to be leveled up to level 3, but instead they made it only up to level 2.

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