The Curious Map is a special item that appears in the extra room of the Hall of Champions in the Sony, Xbox One and Pc Versions of Shovel Knight. It's a slightly different item in each version and both trigger an exclusive sidequest. An hint about the existence of this map can be heard from an NPC found exclusively in the Shortcut? area in both versions.

Sony Version Edit

"A map with a strange symbol... perhaps it was lost by someone?" - Sony Version description

The Sony Curious map has an omega symbol on it. Acquiring it leads Kratos to appear on the map screen as a roaming encounter.

Xbox One/Pc Version Edit

"A map with a weird symbol... and there are some extra markings here! - Xbox One/Pc description

The Xbox One and Pc Curious map has the Battletoads symbol on it. Acquiring it unlocks the Mysterious Area.