Now behold my greatest treasure... DANCE!!

The Dancer is a character in Shovel Knight. She can be found in the tavern under the Village. After beating Specter Knight, she will reward the player with her greatest treasure: DANCE!!! She then proceeds to dance around the tavern (including on the bar) while Grandma Swamp, the Juice Maid, and the Deposed King cheer her on. At the end of her dance, she reveals the Music Sheet for her song, Watch Me Dance!

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This article contains plot details about an event that occurs later in the game.

In Specter of Torment, it is revealed that she learned to dance in order to impress Specter Knight, as well as hinting that she had fallen in love with him. However, he blows her off, and she runs off with a broken heart, swearing revenge. After that, Specter Knight unlocks the Cold Shoulder command.


Shovel of HopeEdit

"Dancer: OOOH!!! That Specter Knight! If someone could defeat him, I would bestow upon them my greatest treasure."
"Dancer: You defeated Specter Knight! Now behold my greatest treasure... DANCE!!"

Specter of TormentEdit

"Dancer: Hello! I saw you dashing through the Lich Yard. You must be Specter Knight! I'm so happy to finally meetcha! Keeping morale high around here is important, so to welcome you, let me share my greatest treasure! DANCE!!!"
"Dancer: *HUFF* Well? *HUFF* gets your blood pumping, huh?"
"Specter Knight: It makes me ill! This is no place for your foolish mirth! Begone!"
"Dancer: But.. But... W-What the... I just wanted to.. TO..."
"Specter Knight: Must you be escorted?"
"Dancer: How could you... You know, I studied that dance just for you! You... MONSTER! I'LL HAVE MY REVENGE!"
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