Shall I prepare the Magic Mirror for your departure, my lord?
Dark Acolyte
Dark Acolyte Art
Locations Tower of Fate

The Dark Acolyte is a character of Specter of Torment encountered at the Tower of Fate. The Enchantress has assigned him to operate the Magic Mirror for Specter Knight, which allows him to transport directly to the locations of potential recruits for the Order of No Quarter.


The Dark Acolyte is a small, green skinned young man with black hair, wearing a black cloak with a green hood similar to Missy's. He always carries around a book.


Despite being a servant to the Enchantress, he appears to have no fighting capability, running in fright when the Enchantress suddenly appears to confront Reize or when the Magic Mirror breaks down.

While he serves the Enchantress, he is not truly evil, judging her for what she is when her folly becomes too much to bear. He then seeks redemption for his participation in her plans and agrees to help Specter Knight in order to stop her.

Specter of TormentEdit

The Dark Acolyte flees his post at the Magic Mirror when the Enchantress appears to confront Reize, who intruded on the tower. She assigns Reize, corrupted by her power, to guard the mirror, and has the Dark Acolyte thrown in the dungeon for his cowardice. She leaves him alive for him to ponder on his fate, instead of letting Reize destroy him.

The Dark Acolyte escapes his cell from the hole Black Knight dug while intruding on the tower. He understands how evil the Enchantress is and agrees to operate the Magic Mirror for Specter Knight, since the Enchantress has taken Reize with her further into the Tower of Fate. He also guides Specter Knight to the tunnel to his cell in order to infiltrate the Tower and reach the Enchantress.

At the end of Specter of Torment, the Dark Acolyte seeks redemption from the Troupple King. He grants him his wish and turns him into a Troupple Acolyte to serve him.


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