O, woe is me, the king of nothing!

The Deposed King is a character in Shovel of Hope who can be found in the tavern under the Village. He is the rightful king of Pridemoor Keep, but was deposed by King Knight. At the conclusion of the game, the Deposed King can be seen seated on the throne in Pridemoor Keep and wearing a crown.

During the ending cutscene of Specter of Torment, he can be seen scrubbing the floors of Pridemoor Keep with a broom, similar to the ending of Shovel of Hope, where he is one the throne and King Knight is scrubbing the floors.


"Deposed King: O, woe is me, the king of nothing! Naught to me but my lone barstool... King Knight sits on Pridemoor's throne? That gilded goon, he'll get his soon!"

When the Mobile Gear is used in the room:

"Deposed King: Oh, ho ho! What a delightful little moving stool that is! Wherever did you find it?"

When King Knight has been defeated:

"Deposed King: King Knight reigns no more? Huzzah! Now I can rule Pridemoor! Hurrah! I can't wait to greet ol' Plume and Beaky! They probably can't wait to see me!"



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