Dig Piles are piles of dirt that Shovel Knight can dig up. At the bottom of a dig pile there is usually treasure, a carrot or a Moler. When the Shovel Blade has been upgraded with the Trench Blade ability, Shovel Knight can dig up Piles in one fell swoop. Some Dig piles are found on walls; these when struck release a ball of gravel that only needs be struck once to release the treasure inside.

The Dig piles in The Lich Yard have a slightly different appearance with bones sticking out.

The smoldering campfire from after clearing waves of the Valley is treated as a dig piles. Digging it up unlocks the Only You Feat.

The Hedge Farmer in the Village has a dig pile next to him that gives nothing. If Shovel Knight digs it up he shows his admiration. If the Trench Blade upgrade is used he is even more impressed. If the Fishing Rod is used, he comments on your unusual methods.

After dying and restarting at a Checkpoint, any treasure already collected in the stage will not be reset. As such, every Dig Pile that the player has previously excavated will be reduced to it's smallest state. If unearthed again it will only contain either a carrot or a Moler. The carrots sometimes contained in Dig Piles are useful in New Game Plus where food is much harder to come by.

In Plague of Shadows, Plague Knight can blow up a ground dig plie with a single bomb, and reveal all goods. Some of the dig piles contain a Health Tonic.

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