The Donovan set is a special Cloak, which is unlocked by collecting all Red Skulls in the Specter of Torment campaign. It takes the appearance of Donovan. It also replaces Specter Knight's scythe with the sword he uses when he was alive. It doesn't grant any bonuses. With it, the Caltrops Curio are unlocked as well.

Trivia Edit

  • Specter Knight also shows extreme discomfort upon seeing the area, as his place of 'death' was unknown to Red at the time.
  • If the "Cold Shoulder" upgrade is unlocked, every second time you perform the "Cold Shoulder" Specter Knight will do a dance, similar to Plague Knight.
  • If Specter Knight is wearing this cloak and talks to Gall, the chances of you dying will increase.
  • Using the Shadow Mirror while wearing the Donovan set reveals a deformed version of Donovan in the Mirror image, this happens weather or not the Shadow Mirror is upgraded. Also, doing the Cold Shoulder will result in a perfect mimic. Doing the dance with the Shadow Mirror is active will result in the image only sliding to left the and right instead.
    • After the patch introducing the battle toads to the PC edition the dance Easter egg is now properly mimicked by the shadow mirror

Gallery Edit

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