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Goldarmor, dubbed by fans Dragonarmor, is a character in Specter of Torment encountered in the Tower of Fate. He can be found in the mirror room walking about.

Above him is a breakable lantern with a different color than the normal variety. If the player breaks it right above his head, a flame will fall and hit him, surrounding his body, and changing the color of his armor. If the player fails to hit him, the lantern will re-spawn by leaving the room. It takes three Dash Slashes to break it. Once he has been hit with the flame, you must enter and leave a stage, and only then will the lantern respawn and allow you to cycle the armor.

This cycles through every variety of armor enemies in the game, changing his dialogue as well to what stage he should be in or what abilities he may gain. After every type of armor color had been cycled through, the lantern broken on him will reveal his true form, as an unnamed dragon enemy. He admits that he hid his true form to be accepted into the ranks of The Enchantress, deeply loyal to her, but quickly changes the attitude and decides to be proud of his dragon nature, believing it to be something that sets him apart from other armors.

He has the body of an armor, and the head of a dragon and his armor has a white-silver sheen. After this side quest is completed, the lantern in the room becomes the unbreakable normal variety, and never changes again.

Oddly, despite not being a Goldarmor (only in disguise), his text box still refers to him as a Goldarmor even after his identity is revealed.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Hall of Champions, there is a portrait of a person with a dragon head same as Dragonarmor.
  • After he assumes the "Dragonarmor" form, his dialogue hints at him having a prominent role in King Knight's future campaign.

Gallery Edit

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