Unleash a powerful close range strike.

The Dread Talon is a Curio that Specter Knight can purchase from Red for 8 Red Skulls after completing the Plains of Passage.

When activated, Specter Knight makes a powerful close range strike after a short delay. While he prepares the attack, Specter Knight is stuck in place, ignoring gravity. The Dread Talon's attack moves Specter Knight forward a short distance.

If Specter Knight takes damage while he prepares the attack, it is cancelled and the Darkness spent on it is lost.

When upgraded, the Dread Talon can no longer be interrupted by damage and also produces a wave of energy that slightly increases the attack's range.

As the description implies, this curio can destroy most of the minor enemies, including, but not limited to Metal Hermittacks, in one swing.

It is also one of very few ways to kill the big, normally indestructible, fish in Specter Knight's campaign.

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