Not to be confused with Hedge Farmer

'Edge Farmer
Edge Farmer Art
Locations Tower of Fate

Oi'm the 'Edge Farmer, Oi am! You think yer edgy, ya do? Oi!! Oi'll be the judge 'a that, Oi will!

The 'Edge Farmer is a minor character in Specter of Torment. He hangs around with the Order of No Quarter to display his edginess and claims to be a judge of character for this particular trait. He is brother with Hedge Farmer and Hedge Pupil.[1] He wears a black jacket and sunglasses, and carries around a skateboard and a yo-yo.

Specter of TormentEdit

In Specter of Torment, 'Edge Farmer can be found in the Tower of Fate, by the skating room in the top left side of the hub. As an edgy character himself, 'Edge Farmer is skeptical about Specter Knight's "edginess". He can be impress by skating with the Rail Mail on the ground while in front of him, or by performing the "Cold Shoulder". He then gives Specter Knight 150 gold for each action once when talked to.

'Edge Farmer reappears during the endgame aboard the Flying Machine. He watches the fleet taking flight and is particularly impressed by the Airship Enthusiast who throws him a rose.


When talked too normally

"'Edge Farmer: Oi'm the 'Edge Farmer, Oi am! You think yer edgy, ya do? Oi!! Oi'll be the judge 'a that, Oi will!"

Impressed by the Rail Mail

"'Edge Farmer: Oi! Yer cuttin' edge, Oi reckon! Never been an 'edgier bloke, to my knowl-edge! It's all... rather edge-ucational!"

Impressed by the Cold Shoulder

"'Edge Farmer: All right, Spectre Knight. Earned that title fair 'n proper, y'did. Oi know edge when Oi see it."


  • He is the only character to spell Specter Knight like "Spectre Knight".
  • It can be noted that his name is a pun on Hedge Farmer, and both are looking up to a knight or another.


  1. Twitter post by developer Sean Velasco


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