Electrodents are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They resemble mechanical rats with a winding key on their back and a wheel in place of feet. They are found in the Clockwork Tower and Tower of Fate: Ascent.


Electrodents wheel back and forth until their target draws near, then leap at him with an electric attack. They posses two hit points and deal one full damage point. Upon defeat they drop one green gem and one blue gem for a total of 15 Gold. They can be knocked back when hit by the player. Often into pits.


  • Electrodents' model is named "Windup Rat" in the game's files.
  • In the ending of Specter of Torment, Tinker Knight mass produces Electrodents at the Clocktower Tower by zapping Propeller Rats without a propeller and winding up the winding key on their back.