Screen 12
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Order of No Quarter
Theme Flowers of Antimony
SoT Theme Aqua Vitae
Relic Alchemy Coin
Arcana Staff of Surging

The Explodatorium is located in the second quarter of the Valley, here Plague Knight resides.

In the Plague of Shadows campaign it is revealed that Plague Knight has moved out of the Explodatorium and into the Potionarium beneath the Village, whilst having left some of his minions in charge. When playing this level, the minions will say that everything is out of control and that there is an intruder wandering around.


Obstacles Edit

Plague of Shadows Edit

In the Plague of Shadows campaign, Shovel Knight is fought as the boss of this stage. The stage layout is the same, however. The reason why Plague Knight must fight his own Minions is that, accordingly to a friendly Minion found by the start of the stage, some of the experiments they were doing in the absence of Plague Knight went wrong, and that a "mysterious wanderer" is roaming by.

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This article contains plot details about an event that occurs later in the game.

The player must then venture through his gigantic lab, and defeat Shovel Knight, to complete the level. After doing so, his essence will escape him, but he will then get up and defeat Plague Knight, much like in his original campaign, with a charged attack and grab his essence back. Later, while Shovel Knight is sleeping by the campfire, Plague Knight will sneak up and steal Shovel Knight's essence.

Trivia Edit

Tumblr nuykm8kSfI1rcxbqto1 400

Plague Knight's Secret Room

Secretroom mona portrait

Mona's Portrait in Plague Knight's Secret Room

  • In Plague of Shadows, when reaching the end of the Explodatorium before the boss fight, there will be a breakable wall with a lock sign at the right side, close to the pit that leads into the boss arena. Inside is Plague Knight's secret room, where the player can find his collection of masks and robes and a bed where player can bounce on. Entering it will also earn the player the feat "Get Out Of My Room!".
    • In New Game Plus, a picture of Mona dancing can be found above the bed. The photo is torn in the normal mode.
    • Among the masks in the secret room is the mask Plague Knight wears as a boss, seemingly implying both physical appearances of the character are canon in some way.
  • Also in Plague of Shadows, by defeating Shovel Knight, he will drop three money bags just like in his scenario. It is not possible to loot these money bags however.

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