Fairies are minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They appear as grey furred flying creature, with two tiny legs, wings and rabbit-like ears. They can be found in the Explodatorium, the Clockwork Tower and Tower of Fate: Entrance.


Faeries steadily float slowly and directly towards their target, even through walls. Once in range, they swoop down with a fast biting attack. They have only one hit point and deal half a damage point. Upon death they drop a 5 gold worth blue gem and a jar.

Faeries can quickly chain attacks on their target if not dealt with swiftly. They are best dealt with with a ranged attack or by luring them in range of main weapons.


  • Faeries heavily resemble Teeny Sanguinis from the Dragon Quest series.
  • Custom Knight can equip a friendly baby Fairy as a Special FX. It however retains the same aggressive nature of the adults and it will try to eat Custom Knight's corpse if it thinks he is dead.
  • The model of Fairies is named "Encroacher" in the game's files.