Farrels is a character who appears in Shovel Knight. He is the guarding knight of the Village, who halts Shovel Knight the first time he tries to enter.


As Shovel Knight:

"Farrels: Halt! No weapons! We have enough to worry about lately without everyone swinging swords around! Oh, ha ha, that's no weapon, just a shovel... You may enter then! And don't forget... Press [x] to talk to everyone!"
"Farrels: Cause no trouble, warrior!"

As Plague Knight:

"Farrels: Halt! No weapons allowed! Wait a minute!! Lets just pretend I don't recognize you, and you go safely on your merry way. this doesn't have to get messy. And don't show your creepy bird face around here again, FREAK!

if you continue into the village:

Farrels: Halt! Maybe you didn't hear me through that mask. We already had this conversation, pal. you're not supposed to be here. now get lost before I lose my patience.


Farrels: Look, buddy, don't make me call for backup. I'll do it. just take a hike, all right?

and again:

Farrels: Okay, now you're just pullin' my pauldrons. I'm a busy guard, I don't have time for this. can you just go?

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