The Fisherman are characters who appear in Shovel Knight. They appear as males with fisherman-styled clothing and a fishing rod.


"Fisherman: Have ye ever seen sparkles risin' from a bottomless pit? Those spots is where the real riches is!"
"Fisherman: Did ye know yer fishin' rod can haul up faraway bags and gems outta yer reach? Aye, it's the truth!"
"Fisherman: Fishin' is easy! Ye just cast yer line off into any pit, then wait for the "!!" and haul 'em up!"
"Fisherman: We languish like lubbers while Treasure Knight sails, under the waves in his dread Iron Whale. His treachery scares all the fish in the sea - do us a favor and thrash 'im fer me! YAAAARRRR!"
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