Floatsomes are stationary minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They mostly exist to serve as platforms to bounce off them.



Regular Floatsomes do not pose a threat unless collided them, which inflicts one damage point. They can be found at the Flying Machine and Tower of Fate: Ascent. They usually serve as platform for Shovel Knight's Shovel Drop and Specter Knight's Dash Slashes. When killed, they don't drop any treasures.

Blue FloatsomesEdit

Blue jellyfish

These Floatsomes are a variant of the original Floatsome which are seen in the Flying Machine, Frigid Flight, and Specter of Torment's The Floor is Lava challenge. These ones act just like regular Floatsomes but can also electrify themselves for a few seconds. When the player touches an electrified Blue Floatsome, even if they're using a weapon, the player will take damage.


  • The model's name for Floatsome is "Jellyfish" in the game's files.
  • At one point, Floatsomes, when killed, were able to spawn miniature versions of themselves that would pursue the player, as seen in the game's trailer. This behavior is not present in the final product.
  • An invincible variant, the Metal Floatsome, was used by developers during the development of Specter of Torment as infinite platforms for Specter Knight's Dash Slashes. It was ultimately cut, although Lanterns got the same purpose.