Flying Machine
Screen 17
Stage Type Main
Stage Subtype Order of No Quarter
Boss Propeller Knight
Theme High Above the Land
SoT Theme A Cargo of Fineries
Relic Propeller Dagger
Arcana Staff of Striking

The Flying Machine is a large airship apparently owned by The Enchantress in which Propeller Knight resides. It is one of the third wave of Order of No Quarter stages and is regarded as one of the most relentlessly difficult levels in Shovel Knight.

The stage's first half resembles a ship, rather than a flying machine, whilst the second half showcases the propellers and treacherous heavy gusts, symbolizing that the ship is indeed flying. As such, there are only a moderate amount of enemies, but very high amount of difficult jumps, involving Shovel Bounce. The main cause of most deaths are falling into a bottomless pit, either by a tricky jump, the wind, or being shoved into by an airborne enemy.

Most useful Relics here to use are the Flare Wand and the Throwing Anchor, since most enemies are in the air, as you have a bright chance to mince them before they have a chance to close in on your position and knock you off a ledge to your death.

In Plague of Shadows, this stage can be very easy, if the player has the right Arcanas and powerups. Using Float Burst bombs combined with The Vat, the great majority of dangerous jumps and bottomless pits can be avoided with minimal efforts. Throwing bombs using Lob casing is also extremely effective against airborne enemies, though the high wind is still a threat.

Enemies Encountered Edit

Obstacles Edit

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