Apple Carrot Turkey BigFish MedFish SmallFish

Food is a pickup in Shovel Knight used to restore hit points. Food is normally found on a platter or dropped by mini bosses and guardians. In New Game Plus food dropped by mini bosses and food found in platters (except some in the Battle Royale) are replaced with bombs. Carrots can be occasionally found in dig piles and these remain in New Game Plus making them very useful. When fishing in a regular pit the player has a chance to get a big fish that resembles the golden fish or a smaller fish that restore health.

In the case of Specter Knight, the food he can found are rotten versions, like turkey bones.

Type Hit points restored
Turkey 19 (full)
Apple 6
Carrot 4
Big Fish 19 (full)
Fish 8
Small Fish 1

The Gastronomer serves special foods on a golden platter in exchange for a Meal Ticket. These foods do not merely heal Shovel Knight but in fact increase his health by two points.

Trivia Edit

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