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Gall is a character introduced in Specter of Torment encountered in the Tower of Fate. He appears as an undead creature trying to perfect his new killer move.

Specter of TormentEdit

Gall appears in the dining hall after Specter Knight defeats and recruits half of the Order of No Quarter. When spoken to, he demonstrates his new killer move, titled "the Kiss of Death". His first two attempts are unsuccessful and he dies himself as a side effect.

Dialogue Edit

"Gall: Ah, Specter! I'm working on my technique for a new killer move. Brace yourself for... The Kiss of Death!!"
"Specter Knight: What? Wait just a moment before you do anything rash!"
"Specter Knight: ....Uhh...."
"Gall: What? It didn't work! I guess I need more training."

If Gall is not successful: Edit

"Gall: My victim is supposed to die, not me! Now I'm double dead! Ah well, practice makes perfect, eh Specter?"

If Gall is successful: Edit

"Gall: Yes, it worked! Sorry about that, Specter. I'll find a hero to use it on next time!"



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