The Gastronomer
Gastronomer artwork
Type Merchant
Locations Village

Bring a Meal Ticket, I'll whip up a feast!

The Gastronomer is a character in Shovel of Hope who resides in the Village. He will cook Shovel Knight a meal that increases Shovel Knight's maximum health by one for each Meal Ticket. If multiple meal tickets are delivered to him at once, he will throw out an equivalent amount of Golden Trays, one at a time.


"Gastronomer: Pottage and poultry, mutton and meat! Your maximum health will increase if you eat! Bring a Meal Ticket, I'll whip up a feast! Goatician might have some, now where's that sly beast?"


  • The developers designed a Body Swap version for the Gastronomer, although only the main cast of Shovel of Hope had one added to the campaign.

Gallery Edit

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