Look more imposing and fearsome than ever before... but to no effect.

The Ghostly Garb is the most expensive Cloak Specter Knight can purchase, with a 8000 gold prize. It has a silver and white color scheme but is completely useless, only applying some different but minor animations:

  • A ghostly after image trails behind Specter Knight.
  • Specter Knight will skate on the ground instead of walking, and the cape of the Garb will constantly move as if blown by the wind.
  • At the beginning of a Stage Specter Knight will make a different starting pose, a relaxed half lied down position.

Trivia Edit

  • The starting pose of Specter Knight, while wearing the Ghostly Garb, was originally shown in the trailer to be the default one, but in the final version, the pose is exclusive to the Garb.
  • Both Shovel Knight and Plague Knight have their own versions of the Ghostly Garb, in the form of the Ornate Plate and the Dandy Duds, as both garments are their most expensive defensive gear and offers no special combat or movement benefits, with the only major difference being the Ghostly Garb overall silvery color scheme instead of a golden one.
  • Just like the Ornate Plate's and the Dandy Duds's sparkling trail, the Garb's ghosly afterimage can be helpful in dark areas to better track Specter Knight position.

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