The Ghostly Garb is the most expensive Cloak in the Specter of Torment campaign. Like the Ornate Plate and the Dandy Duds, it is completely useless and only applies different animations. Unlike the two others, however, the Ghostly Garb is silver, rather than golden. The difference between the Ghostly Garb and the other cloaks are:

  • Different starting pose, as shown in the trailer
  • Skate instead of walking whenever he walks
  • The cape looks like as if it was blown by the wind
  • Ghostly trails whenever you walk and jump

Trivia Edit

  • The starting pose of Specter Knight, while wearing this Cloak, was shown in the trailer to be the default one. In the final game, however, this only happened while wearing the Ghostly Garb.

Gallery Edit

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