Goatician artwork
Type Merchant
Locations Village

A tactician such as myself should consider all avenues!

The Goatician is a character who resides in the village in Shovel of Hope. He is seen having trouble deciding on whether to upgrade magic or health, and sells Meal Tickets to Shovel Knight in order to lower his options.

His prices increase with each ticket bought: 1000, 4500, and then 6000 gold. Afterward, he will claim that he no longer possesses any Meal Tickets because he has eaten the rest.


"Goatician: Ah, decisions, decisions! Should I extend my Magic or Health? Or just eat a tin can? Why not buy my Meal Ticket and help narrow my options?"
"Goatician: Ah, very well. I shall continue to weigh my options! A tactician such as myself should consider all avenues!"


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