Goo is a game mechanic in Shovel Knight found primarily in the Lost City. Appearing as orbs of neon green jelly that drip from the ceiling, goo blobs will change any lava it touches to be temporarily harmless and bouncy. Goo blobs can be knocked around by hitting from aside, but will burst if Shovel Dropped. If a flaming Blorb touches a goo blob it will turn back into a normal Blorb.

One can also bounce off a goo blob, which will also break the blob for good, and another will spawn.

The bulbous sac on the backs of Big Bohtos appears to be made of or full of goo, as it shares the same color and bouncy properties.

Specter of Torment Edit

It is revealed that the goo is a byproduct of the mushrooms which reside above the subterranean city.

Goo Blocks Edit

These large green blocks will bounce off anyone jumping on it and break at the same time. If one strikes at it from side, the striker will be pushed back.

Some Goo Blocks will contain Birders which will be freed when the block is broken.

Goo Lanterns Edit

While they can be dash slashed like normal lantern, these green lanterns will bounce Specter Knight back to the same side, instead of letting him move to the other side.

One can turn a normal lamp into a goo lamp by dropping a goo blob on it.