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I magically see all of your acts, come back again for more useful facts!

Grandma Swamp is a character in Shovel Knight. She can be found in the tavern under the Village and will tell Shovel Knight miscellaneous statistics, such as his current playtime.


"Grandma Swamp: Double, trouble, soil and shovel. My third eye knows your useless info! EXCAVATIO! The number of dig piles you've dug is [x]! AURUM INFINIOSA! The amount of gold you've collected is [x]! THANATO REFUTATUM! The number of times you've fallen in battle is [x]! TEMPORUM PERPETUA! The total time you've spent adventuring is [x]:[x]:[x]! I magically see all of your acts, come back again for more useful facts!"
"Shovel Knight: Thanks for helping me, kindly witch!"
"Grandma Swamp: I'M NOT A WITCH!"



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