The Grave Digger's Shovel is an old, worn shovel that appears to be covered in rust or blood and emits an eerie red glow.


The Grave Digger's Shovel is aquired by entering the Mysterious Area in a PlayStation exclusive version of Shovel Knight, and defeating Kratos in battle. As reward, aside from gaining his respect, he will give you the Grave Digger's Shovel.


Once acquired, you are informed that its purpose is a mystery, but are given a hint that the Armorer could unlock its powers. If it is given to the Armorer, he will seem puzzled by it and hammer on it in an extremelly violent way, to the point which it breaks, he apoligizes, and in return uses the pieces to create the Armor of Chaos.


  • When in possesion, it temporarily appears in your Relic HUB.
  • The shovel is named for the Grave Digger, a character who appears in God of War and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Although he appears to be a normal human, the Grave Digger is secretly Zeus in disguise.
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta also contains a Relic of the Gods called "The Grave Digger's Shovel" which unlocks the Grave Digger costume for Kratos. This allows the player to play as Zeus in the game's Combat Arena, similar to how Shovel Knight's Armor of Chaos lets him fight like Kratos.

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