The Hall of Champions is an optional stage in the second Quarter of the Valley. In order to reach it Plague Knight must have been defeated. Upon entering the stage Shovel Knight must pay a one time fee of 5000 gold to enter the stage proper and once inside he learns the place has been haunted by ghosts. Using the Light Orbs Shovel Knight can purge it of its Ghost infestation and after defeating their boss, is rewarded with a payment of 50 gold from the Ticketer.

The Hall of Champions is filled with portraits of people who donated $200 or more to the Kickstarter campaign. This is referenced in its description of being 'a monument to those who founded this great land' as well as being hinted towards in many pieces of dialogue surrounding the location.

Under said portraits you can find the initials of the people in a strange code, the code can be seen next to the alphabet in two of the rooms containing a chest and music sheet.

Within secret rooms on the far east and far west ends of the Hall of Champions lie Music Sheets #14 and #15. In the Sony, Xbox One and Pc Versions of Shovel Knight, in the east secret room, a fake floor can be destroyed, revealing an extra room containing their respective version of the Curious Map.

Other NPCs found in this stage include the Cultured Fellow and three Patrons.

When playing this stage in Plague of Shadows, it will be instead filled with troop soldiers that will lock Plague Knight inside in an attempt to arrest him. After all the soldiers are defeated, they will surrender, but claim this was a good sparring and allow Plague Knight to come back and train with them. The player can return and pay 500 gold and enter the stage again, where the soldiers must be defeated within a time limit of 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Should the player defeat all opponents and destroy all paintings in time, the reward will be a Music Sheet. The Hall of Champions contain also 20 Cypher Coins. Since the majority of the coins is hidden, and they can only be permanently collected upon the stage completion, it is advised to collect them all before clearing the Hall of Champions the first time. Otherwise the missing coins will have to be collected during the time limit, while trying simultaneously to win the mimi-game.

Enemies Edit

Obstacles and hazards Edit

Notable portraitsEdit

Out of all of the portraits that are seen hanging in the Hall of Champions, three of them are of notable individuals.

  • Arin Hanson - Co-star of the let's play webseries Game Grumps, YouTube animator and voice actor.
  • Matthew Kowalewski - Member of let's play series TwoBestFriendsPlay.
  • Vitas Varnas - Actor and occasional writer for Did You Know Gaming? and VGFacts.


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