The Hedge Pupil is a minor character in Plague of Shadows and an acolyte to Plague Knight. He has been tasked with guarding the secret entrance to the Potionarium hidden in his childhood house, in the Village's outskirts. He is brothers with the Hedge Farmer and 'Edge Farmer.[1] Unlike his brothers, he wears glasses and a lab coat.


The Hedge Pupil appears as a humanoid hedgehog wearing glasses and a tainted lab coat.


Plague of ShadowsEdit

In Plague of Shadows, Hedge Pupil can be found by his house at the Village's entrance. He is waiting for a locksmith to arrive, which is scheduled for two weeks. Instead of waiting, Plague Knight opts to blow his house up, much to Hedge Pupil's distress.

He is seen again after the fall of the Tower of Fate as one of the people left in charge of the Explodatorium by Plague Knight, along with Percy and the Magicist.

Specter of TormentEdit

During the ending of Specter of TormentSpecter Knight carries an unconscious Reize and deposits him at the doorstep of the hedgehog brothers' house. The door opens as Specter Knight leaves, with two silhouettes matching Hedge Farmer and Pupil appearing behind.


Before destroying the house:

"Hedge Pupil: Psst... Hey, Plague Knight. I'm still guarding your SECRET ENTRANCE, but I lost the key. The locksmith should be here in a week or two. Maybe you could wait until then?"

After destroying the house:

"Hedge Pupil: Well, I guess I'm cancelling the locksmith appointment. *SIGH* ...This was the house I grew up in..."

When returning to the village:

"Hedge Pupil: So many memories... Maybe one day I'll restore my childhood home. "


  • There is a picture inside the ruins of his house depicting both the Hedge Pupil and his brother the Hedge Farmer.



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