Type Minigame Host
Locations Tower of Fate

Horace is a character in Specter of Torment. He offers the option to Specter Knight to play a minigame with him.


Horace is a large suit of armor that may or may not be headless. He is found sitting on a bench equipped with a lantern that creates an electric barrier, as well as confetti for those who beat his trial. Horace is located to the left of the section with rails, where Edge Farmer is located.


In the minigame, Specter Knight has to climb to the top of a room before an electric barrier touches him. If he falls below the bottom of the screen, runs out of health or touches the barrier the minigame ends immediately. The level layout is randomly "scrambled", meaning the order which the level parts doesn't follow an order.

Unlike the Mona's Potion Juggle mini-game, the player is not required to pay any fee in order to play this mini-game.

Reaching the top awards the player with 1700 gold. If the minigame was completed before in the same file, only 200 gold is given. No money is lost if Specter Knight dies in the middle of the minigame, the only thing that happens is that Horace congratulates the knight, but tells that his efforts were not enough.

Strategy Edit

As the level order is randomly generated, it is best to run the mini-game multiple times to get used to the stage layouts. Aside from the obstacles, various enemies can be encountered, such as Blorbs, Boneclangs, Divedrakes, Wizzems, Goldarmors, and Floatsomes.

While it is not required, having the Judgement Rush Curio and Rail Mail is recommended in order to increase Specter Knight's mobility, allowing him to pass through corridors and enemies faster. The Chronos Coin is also useful to slow down Horace. However, using Curios should be done sparingly, as there aren't many sources of Darkness replenishment, although specific some points will have large Darkness Jars, and any enemy left behind will perish and automatically award a small jar of Darkness to Specter Knight.

Trivia Edit

  • Horace's appearance is based on the Dullahan, a creature from Irish Mythology associated with death, which is often depicted as a headless suit of armor.
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