Hover Meanies are extremely annoying minor enemies that blow air to push Shovel Knight, which do not deal damage themselves but will often cause him to fall into spikes or pits. There are two known kinds:

Hover Meanie Edit


These are probably the most common enemies on the Flying Machine altogether, and are very frustrating to deal with near cannonballs and bottomless pits. Green Hover Meanies only blow Shovel Knight to one side except for the ones found in the Mysterious Area. They have only two hit points.

Appearances Edit

Hover Meanie (Blue) Edit

The other type of Hover Meanie looks identical to the other but colored blue, and they do not try to kill the player. Only one appears in the game which helps Shovel Knight cross a pit by creating an upward draft. Notably two of these are seen in the credits.

Appearances Edit

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