Hoverhafts are powerful floating minor enemies in Shovel Knight. They are encountered in the Flying Machine. In Specter of Torment after Propeller Knight's defeat one Hoverhaft appears as a wandering NPC and another one appears attending Creech's bar.


Hoverhafts have four hit points and can attack with swipes and charges whilst floating making them tricky enemies.


After completing the Flying Machine:

"Hoverhaft: You can attack quite quickly, my fleet friend. Being aggressive must be in your favor!"


  • Hoverhafts are the equivalent of Goldarmors to the Flying Machine. They are both humanoid enemies who wield conventional weapons and take multiple hits to be downed. Furthermore the Flying Machine has several statues of Hoverhaft similar to the Goldarmor Statues in Pridemoor Keep and the Tower of Fate.
  • Three Hoverhafts are required to pilot the Dinghy Dropper. They are also seen flying in small airships in the credits sequence of Specter of Torment and Propeller Knight's boss battle, also in Specter of Torment.
  • Their model is named "Propeller Minion" in the game's files.