Grasp this jewel to rush at the nearest enemy and strike.

The Judgment Rush is one of the later Curios of Specter of Torment, being purchasable by Red for 10 Red Skulls, only after beating Propeller Knight in the Flying Machine.

Once activated, Specter Knight will freeze in midair, and swing across the screen to slash at the nearest enemy, even going through wall and ceilings. It can be chained multiple times without any delay, but won't function if there are no enemies on screen. If Specter Knight connects with an obstacle such as spikes or other enemies, he will be hurt and the move will be interrupted. It consumes a quarter of a bar of Specter Knight's Darkness Meter.

The move mimics an attack of Specter Knight in his Shovel of Hope boss fight, where he will swing across the screen to slash at Shovel Knight. Much like this move from his original boss fight, if the target moves too far from its original position, the slash won't connect. In its upgraded form, Specter Knight is rendered invulnerable during the attack, and it activates faster.

It is fairly weak, though, only doing as much damage as Specter Knights normal slash attack. It is however extremely useful for skipping through difficult portions and blockades in levels and can be chained with a Dash Slash in midair.

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